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Magenhosting is an free online Magento 2 community that focus on Magento 2 hosting reviews, hosting optimization tips and trick. Magenhosting.com is founded by Hung Tran, a programmer who loves to build eCommerce store in Magento 2 and he is currently involving with many Magento 2 projects.

Our mission is to help Magento 2 users improve their website’s performance by reviewing good hosting, VPS, server, sharing comprehensive tutorials about speed up Magento 2 website and fixing common errors.

If you are looking for answers for Magento 2 related questions, then you are in the right place. We help users answers:

  • What is the best Magento hosting, VPS, dedicated server?
  • How to solve Magento 2 issues?
  • Tutorial, tip and trick to tweak Magento 2 store.
  • Free resource on Magento 2.

We hope that the reviews, tutorial and other free resources related to Magento 2 on our website can help you run a better eCommerce website.


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